James started playing guitar in his early teens and soon after that started playing the drums. Living in a huge house in the middle of nowhere in west Wales he was fortunate enough to be able to play guitar and drums at any time of the day or night without having to apologise to disgruntled neighbours. The drum kit belonged to his best friend who needed a place to keep it in the summer. This allowed them to jam whenever the mood took them and so they spent their time playing covers of the early Seattle grunge bands such as Soundgarden and Nirvana as well as their own sometimes ultra-heavy riffs and noise jams. Soon after that James got some cheap recording equipment a bass guitar and various other music / noise making devices and started to record.

Moving on

As the years passed, his collection of instruments and recording gear improved and he was able to write, record and produce his music without the limitations of a basic four-track tape recorder. After moving to Bristol in October 2005 James began writing and recording more frequently in his home studio. He gained interest from various radio stations and after sending his demo to BBC Bristol it was played four weeks in a row and received excellent feedback.


After playing with various local musicians James joined the Band of the Eye in late 2006 playing bass guitar and they played their first gig at the Louisiana in Bristol. Soon after he left the band and began to record solo material again. Learning piano enabled James to experiment further with his writing and production and will soon be collaborating with Bristol based musicians, vocalists and rappers.



  • Systematic Distortion
  • Let the dog see the rabbit
  • Beserker
  • High and Mighty
  • Nervewrack
  • Backburner
  • You can take that to the bank
  • Archipelagos
  • Moment of certainty
  • Scandalize
  • Voider
  • Pure Premium
  • Cigarette packets and cards
  • Prehistorics
  • Lead soup
  • Nightnurse
  • Parallelogram
  • Off Balance